Time spent dining with friends and family is a central element to life in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mountaintop embraces this tradition, offering members dining options, ranging from relaxed lakeside picnics, boat dining and casual dinners in the clubhouse, to formal gourmet fine dining.


The clubhouse even provides a private dining room which may be reserved for private gatherings and special occasions. For those on the go, visit the General Store for a delicious breakfast or quick lunch. If the mood is right, order a famous Mountaintop pizza to go or have dinner catered in your home. The possibilities are truly limitless.

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World Class Chefs

Mountaintop’s culinary team is skilled at creating unforgettable dishes that range from regional delights and homemade comfort foods to private club classics and elegant gourmet cuisine, all prepared using the freshest ingredients and herbs from our garden as well as the finest cuts of meats. Mountaintop offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week in season.